Choose The Best Cheap Projector For Seamless Multimedia Experience

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Whether its office, educational institute or home, a projector serves its purpose by presenting text and visual content on a big screen. It allows you to play games, watch movies, make interesting presentations and other activities too. With numerous advantages that it offers, it has become an integral part of offices and schools. This has increased the demand for projectors in the market and users are getting benefitted from it.

If you are looking for the best cheap projector with extensive features that suits your requirements, then you must look for the things that must be present on it.


What are the Things that you should Consider While Selecting the Best Cheap Projector?

Before choosing the best projector model for your needs, you must take a look at considerable factors that will help you to choose the most appropriate model for you.


  • Know your Purpose


First and foremost, you should decide the objective of purchasing the projector, whether it’s for home use or for professional purpose or for education. Depending upon that, you should proceed with your decision of choosing a projector. This decision should be made in the beginning because one cannot use an office projector to enjoy their favourite movie at home.


  • Resolution


Some best projectors under $100 come with a native resolution of 480p and offer maximum support up to 1080p. If you want to have an overall good viewing experience, then you should avoid buying projectors that fail to offer 1080p support. In order to experience high-quality visuals as well as to maintain thorough clarity, one must stick to projector models that offer high-resolution. Furthermore, it will also enhance your ultimate viewing experience by ensuring high detailing.


  • Size of the Display


This factor is often overlooked by many users but it is an undeniable part. Often you will find that some of the best mini projectors come with a minimum display size of 50 to 120inches. It's better to avoid such models and opt for one that offers wide projection range such as 30 to 150inches. With widescreen size, you can have theatre-like experience in your home.


  • Inputs


Before selecting a particular inexpensive projector model, you need to verify the inputs. Whether it offers USB, HDMI, VGA, AV and audio output or not. These are the minimum inputs that a projector model must possess. But if it has some more inputs like DVI, LAN, MHL, etc., then it is good to go for that model.


  • Brightness of the Projector


The brightness depends upon the lumens number and it can never be compromised. It is the lumens factor that determines both the quality and quantity of the image simultaneously. While choosing a projector, ensure that it has a minimum threshold of 1200 lumens. Though many projectors are available with a low 1500 lumens, it will provide you with a quality visual output. Moreover, if you intend to use the projector in a semi-lit room, then the best option will be to go for a projector with 2000 lumens.


  • Throw Distance


This is another major factor that one must before buying the best projector for your use. It is actually the distance that should be maintained by an individual between the projector and screen to get specific screen size. The ideal projectors are those with shorter throw ratio, as it allows you to get a larger screen from a short distance. For houses with little space, short throw and ultra-short throw distance are best. If you have enough space, then you can go for one with a standard throw distance of around 1.2-1.5:1.


  • Imaging System


If you are looking for the best projectors under $100Links to an external site., then it's better to pick up a TFT LCD projector. Often TFT LCD is considered better at this range than any LED models. Not only because they offer excellent output than those of LED projectors but also its visual quality has better vividness and colour saturation. But as every model has its drawbacks, it has too. The LCD projectors lack in longevity and often have heating issues.

On the other hand, LED models to come with long longevity and require less maintenance. The best part is that LED models do not suffer from any overheating issue. This is because it comes along with advanced cooling technologies.


  • Contrast Ratio


Contrast ratio refers to the difference between the brightest as well as darkest pixels. Thus, it will be a wise decision to pick a model with a minimum contrast ratio of 1000:1. So, if you want impressive visual quality with top-notch colour output, then it's better to stick to a model that offers a high contrast ratio.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in selecting the cheapest and feature-rich projector for you from a plethora of choices for projectors.

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