Stock Analysis Recommendation Application for Indonesian traders investors

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Rich Text Content – Stocks are currently one of the most popular investment instruments for millennials, especially those under 30 years old. This happened in line with the number of young people who started to work from home followed by daily trading activities.

Based on data from the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) as of October 16, 2020, the number of capital market investors increased by 34.78% from 2,484,354 at the end of 2019 to 3,348,396.

In the midst of the increasing number of young stock investors and the idea of ​​getting rich quick through stocks, many stock recommendation groups have sprung up that aim only to create trading volume, which are used by a handful of people to take advantage of novice stock investors through day trading.

In response to this, the Aplikasi saham was finally released on the Google Play Store with a year-end promo of IDR 199 thousand subscription for 12 months access. A variety of both fundamental and technical analyzes are presented in the daily stock recommendation application, which is more affordable than other stock recommendation services.

“As we all know, stock groups are very pom-pom. Showing off profits is one of the attractions to increase followers to try their luck in the stock world. Basically (the application was released, ed) is how we help beginners to get quality information," said CRA Technical Analyst Kevin Aminudin, who is a member of in a press release received by

Meanwhile, the CEO of Denny Huang added, without having adequate experience and knowledge, investors or novice traders tend to speculate using limited feelings and analysis or rely on subscribing to recommendations of up to millions per month.

“Until now, we only accept analysts who are certified and experienced. The positive side is stock analysts who really intend to contribute to the Indonesian capital market,” said Denny.

Denny continued, the application platform is only an application platform that provides ideas and views from various experienced and certified analysts about public companies that are moving uptrend.

He also said that does not have a share purchase transaction feature or an investment transaction feature in any form. “There is no need for complicated tools, because in general securities have provided these features and there are many indicators out there. However, we come with an excellent feature, namely a collection of insightful views from analysts without bias to sell, buy, or hold," concluded Denny.

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